Top 5 AI tools which could be used to earn money online

AI also known as Artificial Intelligence plays an imperative role in shaping the identity of the masses for the reason being Artificial Intelligence tools assist a plethora of Individuals in earning a lot of money.
A section of society considers that Artificial  Intelligence proves to be harmful to today’s society by advancement in AI. In simple words, we can say that artificial Intelligence cut down the jobs of real workers, for instance, programmers and many more.
However, another segregation of society contemplates that Artificial Intelligence is a revolution for this generation owing to the fact AI lets the people special those people who belong to the IT environment, earn the money and complete the work more efficiently as well as effectively.
Let us discuss both views before reaching a concert decision. The insights regarding the prompt are that Artificial Intelligence is used by almost every industry including medicine and finance which affect the workforce of the economy and give rise to unemployment.
I opine that Artificial intelligence leads to the development of a country because, with the help of artificial intelligence, we can perform tasks more efficiently.
However, it shouldn’t be forgotten that in developing countries like Canada and USA AI is surging drastically specially in the field of Information Technology and Web development because AI can perform in this field more efficiently as opposed to human beings.
As per the research stated, there are ample pieces of evidence to prove that the usage of Artificial Intelligence has surged too much by the virtue of fast pace and mistake-less nature of Artificial Intelligence.
As a consequence, a huge amount of people are also using AI to earn money and earn their livelihood on a large scale. 

Here are the top 5 AI which can be used to earn money online!

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT is considered to be one of the best AIs available in the market now. This tool was developed by OpenAI a firm owned by Elon Musk.
This tool is compatible to write ample codes of every possible programming language and also making web pages using the Full Stack web development codes.
This tool can make web pages within minutes. Developers use these tools to make various kinds of web pages as well as applications and sell them in the market to earn money regularly. 

2. Scribe 

Scribe is an AI tool that can also be used as a Chrome extension. This tool is also very popular, especially among the tutors as well as teachers of the school.
This tool can be used to make courses on various topics such as commerce, engineering, and many more. Students these days search for short-term courses and buy these courses to enhance their knowledge.
So tutors and teachers can easily earn money online using the scribe AI tool to earn money because it is a long-term source of money earning. 

3. Boomy 

Boomy is a German-based Artificial Intelligence tool that can be used to make music that no one ever heard till now.
This AI tool is very popular among singers because this tool can make new music that can be sold on the freelance market such as Fiverr and grow platform.
This AI tool also provides a community to join with musicians around the globe so that in the musician’s community you can also make music and sell that to the community to get a proper and satisfactory amount for your masterpiece or music piece. 

4. is a presentation tool that is based on the working process of PowerPoint. These tools can be used to make presentations on ample topics using mesmerizing designs and animations.
These tools are mostly used by working professionals to give presentations to their clients as well as superiors.
Normal beings can use this tool to make a presentation and sell them at an average price to companies as well as working professionals because presentation making is time-consuming so busy workers always search for someone who can make a presentation for them at any cost. 

5. Tome

A tome is a tool that can be used to create compelling stories. A lot of writers these days use this tool to make beautiful stories and make money.
You can also write stories like folk tales as well as action, adventure stories to sell them Online to the freelance market as well as to the writers.
With these AI tools, you can also write a lot of essays to submit to your school, and to complete the assignment you can make assignments for the college students with this Artificial Intelligence tool and charge a small amount of money from them in return for your hard work.

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